Root Cutting

Choosing the right drain cleaning machine for the job is only half the battle. If you don’t choose the right cutting tool as well, you’ll make the job twice as hard and take twice as long to get it done. Choose the right tool and you’ll get the line clear the first time.

Clearing Root Intrusion

Over years the trees and shrubbery that were planted can cause substantial damage to your sewer and septic systems. Roots over time will work their way into small cracks and joints in your piping system causing obstructions that will cause potential backups and clogs in your drainage system. We have the tools to open these lines from cable and chain cutting as well as a warthog root cutting head to remove the most stubborn problem with high-pressure water jetting and can use our cameras to inspect the line to ensure that the problem has been rectified.

We are able to remove tree root intrusions using either our advanced equipment or our bladed root cutting machinery to complete sewer and storm-water drainage excavation.

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