Septic Pumping

Starting at $275 for Readily available septic’s

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Septic systems are underground wastewater treatment structures.

Warning Signs to Watch

If your tank should be pumped in the last 4 years, and you are seeing wet areas or standing water above your drain field, your toilets are running slowly or there are odors in your home. Call Us so we can come out and check your septic system. This can contaminate groundwater, surface water, and your yard with viruses, nutrients, and bacteria.

What does a septic system do?

A septic system consists of two main parts-a septic tank and a drain field. The tank is a watertight box usually made of concrete or fiberglass, with an inlet and outlet pipe. Wastewater flows from the home to the septic tank through the sewer pipe. The septic tank treats the wastewater naturally by holding it in the tank long enough for solids and liquids to separate. The wastewater forms three layers inside the tank. Solids lighter than water (such as greases and oil) float to the top forming a layer of scum. Solids heavier than water settle at the bottom of the tank forming a layer of sludge. This leaves a middle layer of partially clarified wastewater.

The layers of sludge and scum remain in the septic tank where bacteria found naturally in the wastewater work to break the solids down.

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